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Why be a Local Expert

Share your passion for travelling.

Show travellers why they should visit your destination.

Meet people from around the world.

It’s always a pleasure to learn people’s cultures from different backgrounds.

Gain new knowledge & experience

Become a specialist and expert in your field, you are the one to tell the best story about your destination.


Can I become a local expert for Timeline?

You would make a great local expert if you love showing your family and friends around your favorite places in your city. City tour guides and bloggers would also fit the role of a local expert.

What documents do I need to submit to verify my account?

To verify your identity, you need to submit a valid ID and bank account to us.

How can I become a local expert for Timeline?

If you’re interested to become one of our local experts, please send us your application form and we will validate it. We will get in touch with you when your application has been approved.

Can I still become a local expert even though I already have a full-time job?

Yes, you are free to manage your own time and availability according to your personal schedule, then you can be a local expert.

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