Although South Africa is one of the best destinations, with popular attractions across the world. there are many attractions that are not really exposed to travelers and these places are worthy of the exposure and have some much to offer. South Africa has so many hidden gems that are not so popular and only need exposure for people to be able to explore, enjoy and learn about them and below are some of the destinations.

The Waterberg Region

The destination is dominated by grassland and wildlife, and it has pleasant weather, unmodified nature, flora and fauna, and a diverse rich culture with great hospitality. Waterberg is home to some of the oldest rocks and mountain ranges in the world. Within the Waterberg, there are archaeological findings dating to about millions of years back and there are findings of the origin of humans. The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is located in Waterberg and is the first in the northern part of South Africa. Other worthy places to explore are Bela-Bela Hots Springs, Marakele National Park,   and Nylsvley Wetlands, providing visitors with outdoor and adventure activities such as Elephant back safaris, Hot air balloons, swimming, and other activities. Then Makapans World Heritage Site and Lehlabile Cultural Tours offer fascinating local history and cultural significance of certain features of the destination such as Modimolle Moutain. There are different activities and accommodations offered at the Waterberg region depending on the town. The destination is best for all types of tourism from adventure tourism, Edu-tourism, and explorers to allocentric tourism and Eco-tourism.


You want to be in touch with nature Hogsback Destination is the best place for you, located in the center of the Eastern Cape. The village has amazing indigenous nature, spectacular waterfalls, and a view but it is mostly known for its three flat-topped Hogsback Mountains. Hogsback is all about nature with daily visits to see the Samango Monkeys, Cape Parrots, and Knysna Louries, there is also an annual event at Hogsback Village called Open Gardens Festival held for four weeks which celebrates Spring.  The destination caters to all types of visitors from romantic visitors enjoying the romantic waterfalls to adventurous activities such as hiking, and horse riding. Since the destination is situated in the villages one might wonder about accommodations and restaurants, worry not, Hogsback has a couple of restaurants and accommodations.

Lekgalameetse Resort

An immense nature reserve in Limpopo’s Wolkberg Mountains is covered in grass, towering peaks, and krantzes, and has indigenous forests that consist of YellowWoods, LemonWoods, Wild peach, and Cape peach. The reserve has waterfalls, and many rivers sourcing some of the important rivers in Limpopo and has water all year round. Swarms of colourful birds and butterflies play around the reserve during Summer time. Samango monkeys, antelopes, and baboons are also found in the nature reserve. Depending on what you like, you can explore the reserve on foot or by 4×4 or maybe have a picnic under Cathedral trees on a beautiful sunny day. Nature Reserve is home to the largest palm nursery in South Africa. The nature reserve has self-catering farmhouse accommodation and self-catering wooden chalets accommodation which is alongside the river. Lekgalameetse is self-catering, so it is advisable to bring your own food.

Golden Gates Highlands National Park

The park lies at the foothills of thhe Maluti Mountains in the Free States, with the unique, beautiful scenery and vegetation and its standout features such as the deeply eroded sandstone and Brandwag rock. Like any other destinations Golden Gates Highlands National park activities that are offered to visitor such as Game drives, horse riding, hiking, and other activities,  so worry not about boredom. The accommodation is available in the park and it has spectacular views and some are self-catering family units for those who love to travel as a family.