Soweto- South Western Township.  Soweto is an urban area within the city of Johannesburg in the Gauteng Province, there is no doubt that Soweto is the city of history and culture in the Gauteng Province. Soweto used to be a no go area for International visitors, as it was known for riots and protests or social unrests. But a lot has been done in a short space of time due to some upgrades of important attractions, such as the famous Vilakazi street that once housed the houses of two Nobel Peace prize winners, which is Nelson Mandela and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. Just two minutes drive away from Vilakazi street there is Hector Peterson memorial site. Amongst other important attractions are Walter Sisulu Freedom Squire, Regina Mundi Church, 16 June memorial Acre, Orlando Cooling Towers. More importantly there is nothing more important and fun than interacting with the locals of Soweto, you can do that by going to the Tuckshop and buy Ikota (South African Bunny Chow), Ride on a bicycle to see Soweto differently, and visit Street Craft Market and now all these make Soweto to be the safest Tourism attraction in Johannesburg. 

By: Nelisiwe Dlamini

Tourism Management Student.

[email protected]

Timeline Travel – Johannesburg. South Africa