No two trips to Kruger are ever the same. You can drive for hours without seeing a single thing, or you can see the Big Five in a matter of minutes; there’s no telling what you may come across when you enter the park’s gates. With exquisite birds, mesmerizing wildlife and abundant flora, the Kruger National Park is a holiday destination unlike any other. Here are some of reasons, in no particular order, why we love the Kruger National Park.

  1. The views

The viewpoints around Kruger and Panorama route will captivate you and leave you humbled by Mother Nature’s beauty.

2. The Rest Camps

With 13 rest camps to choose from, visitors can immerse themselves in the Kruger experience from various perspectives.

3. The Animals

One can only hope to see the Big Five when visiting the Kruger. Timing, patience and luck all come into play on your game drive to determine what you see.